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RainShine MoonFall ~ welcome to Joy's Journal. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[06 Dec 2005|06:22pm]
VERY poor spelling!!

number (s)!!!!

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[06 Dec 2005|06:17pm]
Poor grammar, sorry!!!

*what are their number*!! haha

Spk soon :P
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[06 Dec 2005|06:16pm]
Hey Miesh!!!,

Do you wanna come bowling in the hols with a bunch of people??

Also, what is esmes and lindsays mobile numbers???


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It was that way when I got here [21 Nov 2005|09:48pm]
[ mood | chilled ]

Intelligo me intelligere - I understand that I understand. (St. Augustine)

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AudioVisual Countryside [21 Nov 2005|08:57pm]
[ mood | chilled ]

Hiya LJ users!!!,

I kinda, sorta...miss LJ! So I think I'll ty and make the effort to post on here more often! and keep up with those of you who still remember me!!!

(By the way who is xantia?)

Errr why did my font go black? .....hmmm I have forgotten how to use LJ, & it's wondrous (lack of??) cool features ;)

So, what's new? Well I'm at uni...currently residing in my room, at my desk... on which there lies a plate of cold pasta, looks rather rubbery too!! I'm pretty tired, after my weekend in Newcastleton, Scotland... (where is that in relation to you mckirst?)... well it wasn't that far anyway, just four hours away!!

So why was I in Scotland?, well I went with the CU at my uni, and it was really good!! Had some good meetings, teaching, fellowship and of course; fun!!! ;)... was a brilliant opportunity for me to try and break my shyness ;) hahahaha.... yeah I came to the realization (is that the american spelling?),..that I really do not spend much time with God... no way near enough!! Yes I guess I'd known that for a while, but I don't think the importance of the way I spend my time dawned on me until recently!! I'm really ashamed I was so distant to/from? God, and I totally plan to change that!! The meetings were slightly different from what I'm used to, but then I've been to so many different kinds I'm not actually sure I'm used to any style of meeting!! I just can't believe that christians seem to forget or at least don't; study their bible enough. I suppose many of us are guilty of that. But the Bible is essentially, what it's accronym suggests (Beginners Instruction Before Leaving Earth). I don't really use that accronym much, but it's true I guess. I mean, the word of God is so incredibly important. It is indespensible. From now on I really want to make sure I spend more time reading it!!!

Yeah, so I met a tonnage of people, I don't remember all of their names...and I certainly don't remember which college or course they were in/on. ... had many conversations that comprised of the following:

Me: Whats your name
Person: (says name)
Me: What subject do you study?
Person:(Blah blah...states subject (does not actually say blah blah))
Me: What college are you in?
Person: (states college)
Person: (errr ok then... why did they let you out of the loony bit already?)..(said internally). hahaha

Well, I didn't always say rar but I guess it is a word I over use!! I tend to fit it in, although it sounds totally out of place at times!! (Imagine examination in sports hall at BGS... and joy yells : "RARRRRRR!") nah seriously I wasn't crazy enough to yell rar in the exam.... hahaha. ...although I remember in GNVQ ICT at RMTC I'd talk to the person behind me for ages and we'd have a sniffing game. ...: person one: sniff, me: sniff, person two: sniffs loudly, person three: sniffs...etc etc.... haha Dunno why that was so amusing, just a bit of sillyness really!!!

Bleugh, I tried to find a captain america poster. I think maybe I should make my own version. I loved my crazy story, meatballs, chocolate mousse, spotty blob and all.... was so coooooool! I actually don't remember which site I got those useless blobs from so I want to get one back. I'd love a pet blob! Ingenious!! How'dya spell that, and whats a corteelay? dunno how to spell it!!

Ok well tonight I have to do some reading...on, actually what was it?... liberalism and communitarianism. Yeyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Better get started I guess, ,....

I  have lost my crazy writing on LJ flair? Arghhh, miesh you should teach me how to write!! right?? hahahaha!!!! I Guess it comes with practise!!

"To be able to see Nobody"...

Ciao y'all x

~matt w~





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La premier poste!! [15 Nov 2005|10:59pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

My only post!!!!!

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